The Rethinking Remote Work Conference

A 4-day online event delivering information, inspiration and encouragement to RVers and Digital Nomads interested in remote jobs, digital careers, small business ideas, nomadic entrepreneurship and the remote work-life balance!

Remote Work Conference for RVers

If you're searching for ways to get started with remote careers or remote entrepreneurial ventures, the Rethinking Remote Work Conference will help you discover new horizons and expand what you thought was achievable. Open your eyes to new possibilities and gain access to a community of people who are doing the same!

Our speaker lineup is full of inspiring stories, sound advice, helpful tips, action steps and encouragement to help you rethink your current position and refocus your goals.

Networking Session: Meet & Greet

March 03, 2022, 07:00 PM

Melanie Carr Travis Carr Sharee Collier Georgianne Austin
Purchasing a Business to Run on the Road & Leaving One Behind

March 03, 2022, 06:00 PM

Stuart Takehara
Neurodivergent Entrepreneurship: How to adapt your business to work for your brain.

March 03, 2022, 06:00 PM

Dani Schnakenberg
Featured: Flexible Job Types at Any Age With Any Skill Sets

March 03, 2022, 09:00 PM

Brie Reynolds

RVers Do More Than Workamping!

Times have changed, and today’s working nomads are taking the concept of telecommuting to a new level, hitting the open road in record numbers bringing new skills, experience and knowledge in search of an income that supports their freedom and wanderlust.

And with all the changes happening in today’s world, it’s the perfect opportunity to start really Rethinking Remote Work options.

This Year's Event Schedule Includes Something For Everyone

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Still Wondering If This Conference Is Right For You?

If you answer YES! to any of these questions... You're a PERFECT Fit!

• You're an RVer looking for remote income opportunities?

• You’re interested in starting a remote business.

• You’re working for an employer and would like to learn about options to help you go remote.

• You are looking for companies that hire remote workers!

• You’re looking into the options of how to earn a living while traveling and need help getting started.

• You need a little inspiration for generating your remote life goals for 2021 and beyond!

• You want to find tools and resources to help you be more productive!

• You’re curious about the future of remote work and how it impacts your ability to travel freely.

• You’ve tried working seasonal jobs or camp hosting and are now looking for more location independence

• You’d like to hear stories from current remote RVers.

• You enjoy learning from people are currently doing what you aim to do!

• You love RVing and want to learn as much as possible about ways to do more and go farther!

Featuring Over 2 Dozen Speakers For Our 2022 Event

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