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March 06, 2022, 06:00 PM

How to Make Money Online With a Blog

A Talk by Kristin Hanes Owner, The Wayward Home Visit site

In 2017, after being laid-off from my job as a radio news reporter in San Francisco, I had to make a complete pivot. Journalism jobs were (and are) increasingly hard to find, so I decided to try something new: a blog about tiny living.

Not only would this satiate my desire to write, reach and help people, but it was also a way for me to work remotely while traveling in my campervan and on my sailboat. Through months and years of learning, I created an online business that has surpassed any of my full-time jobs. In this session, I'll show you the steps I took to profitable blogging. -How I treated my blog as a business from day one -The way blogs make money -How focusing on SEO changed everything -Scaling and hiring -Expanding focus - product and podcast creation

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Kristin Hanes

Is creating a money-making blog really possible? My tips and strategies to successful blogging.

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